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Report of JKA India Gasshuku-2014
5th JKA India- 2014 Winter Camp

  8th to 10th January @ GCC Club, Mumbai.
Chief Instructor for the camp: Sensei Fujikiyo Omura.


Sensei Fujikiyo Omura, a legendary karate teacher of our times…my teacher and mentor, at 60 years of age; just the presence of Sensei Omura electrified the atmosphere in the camp, leaving participants awestruck by his fluent techniques and the simplest explanations that only a true and most knowledgeable Karate Sensei can offer.


Both the sessions of 8th Jan started with basics, going in to the finer aspects of hip rotation, eye line, body balance and elbow positioning. We also did some combinations to supplement our blocking techniques and for co-ordination of stance + techniques.


Techniques were confined to simple Kihon and body mechanics to help us understand the most basic movements. This was because Sensei wanted us to use these very techniques and principles in the katas, jyu kihon & kumite. Thus, having the concept clear in our minds we knew what was coming next.


9th Jan saw us doing jyu kihon and jyu ippon kumite using the principles and concepts taught to us on the previous day. Sabaki & Ma ai were the points of focus in these 2 sessions. And that; we did. The most basic attacks and sabaki, it proved to be a very educative form of training, especially for the beginners.


10th Jan was Kata day…we did all the heians, tekki shodan and later bassai dai. Vital points were explained, demonstrated with its proper bunkai and the actual use of the principles taught earlier in the camp.


Sensei changed the concept of “turning” in katas, the way this concept was presented and demonstrated was enough to let the lesson stay in our minds forever, we won’t ever be thinking of ‘turning’ in katas from now on.


Omura Sensei’s karate is most simple and that is the reason it’s beautiful and effective, Sensei’s simplicity won the hearts of all who were present in and around the camp. A perfect example of a true and committed karate Sensei, no wonder why JKA is the greatest of the great, it is blessed with such technically unbeatable instructors, superb human beings, and most of all, with a common purpose of life…. To impart correct education of karate... JKA Karate.


I have to thank Omura Sensei for his time and eagerness for the members of JKA India, his advice and teachings are going to stay with us forever and we all will follow his path of karate with the true JKA Spirit.


I thank JKA Hq for its continued and unconditional support and assistance to me, recognizing my purpose to foster JKA karate in India.




Milan Trivedi

Chief Instructor - JKA India

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