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Report of JKA India Gasshuku-2011
2nd JKA India- 2011 Winter Camp

  5th to 9th January @ GCC Club, Mumbai.
Chief Instructor for the camp: Sensei Koichiro Okuma.


Once again, Sensei Okuma left us amazed with his charismatic teaching style and deep knowledge of JKA karate in particular. He not only has left a deep impression on new comers but also as always has left us seniors wondering what is it in him that makes his so very special?


1 kata, 2 kumite techniques and about 10 kihon combinations, just this in a 5-day camp. Sensei Okuma started with what he left us with last year, body shifting in hachiji dachi and hangetsu dachi, than he made us do various kihon combinations in these stances stressing on contraction and expansion of muscles.


Bassai dai, Kihon ippon kumite and Jyu ippon kumite was also done focusing on expansion-contraction of our body, keeping our body line straight, and understanding the line of attack and choosing the appropriate block and counter attack.


Sensei Okuma also broke some of the traditional Shotokan or in general, Karate principles about keeping the waist height constant by scientific reasoning and practical demonstrations of block and counter attack, and how to generate power and speed in ones chosen technique by expanding and contracting our body.


Advanced speed and footwork training was done to imbibe in us the importance of an “explosive start” for an offensive technique.


Sensei Okuma’s deep knowledge manifested in his teaching and his ever-high spirit dominated the training hall for the entire gasshuku. His sheer hard work, dedication, passion to teach, and going out of his way to explain finer points to the youngest of the training lot was the highlight of the camp.


Okuma Sensei made sure that each and every one of us gave more than 100% and that resulted in us having 16 Sho Dans, 5 Ni Dans, 5 San Dans & 5 “D” kyu Judges and Instructors passing their tests on the last day. More than 200% progress in just 1-year’s time is something to be proud of; I guess.


Sensei was also highly impressed by 3 gifted talents like Mr Charanjit Singh, Mr Ujjwal Trikha and Mr Ridish Thakor for their kumite and kata performance; assets we can be proud of as an integral part of our organization, especially Mr Charanjit Singh, whose National & International achievements are unparallel and no other karate group or organization in India can claim to possess.


I express my gratitude to Okuma Sensei for his kind gesture to sacrifice his New Year holidays for our camp. His unique teaching style has attracted many to participate in this gasshuku and experience JKA karate.


I also express my sincere gratitude to JKA Hq for extending their full-fledged support and faith in us to develop and promote JKA karate in the Indian sub continent. Our progress in terms of membership and producing high quality JKA India karate-kas speaks in volumes for itself and we will be doing more than just this in the near future.


With this said I welcome all the past JKA India members/students/instructors and any other karate-kas who are desirous of joining or rejoining our group of JKA India as we are committed to serious and quality training with transparent, stable and unbiased administration to promote and uplift JKA karate in India.




Milan Trivedi

Chief Instructor: JKA India

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