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Report of 13th JKA INDIA Winter Camp with Kurihara Sensei

The Venue - GCC Club, Mumbai

Date - 13th Feburary - 17th Feburary, 2019

Powerhouse…is the right word for Kurihara Sensei, the ease, the flow, and the simplicity in Kurihara Sensei's techniques is beyond words and am sure those who have and are training under him will agree with me on this.

We started and ended our 4 days training doing basics, the stances, punches and blocks were well explained and whys and hows of them all demonstrated to perfection wherein no translation was ever needed.

Kihon was kept till basic techniques, with emphasis on use of lower body. Repetitions came in with every explanation of every single aspect of that particular technique.

Kata was next, very same things we did in Kihon.

Kumite was kept till Jyu Ippon with the same things in mind as what was done in Kihon and Kata.

These 4 days were an educational tour of JKA karate for all, how to create Power? Was very well explained and demonstrated and its superiority over sports karate was clear to all present there.

Our National Championship was conducted smoothly and without any major injury, our qualified team of Judges and committed team of volunteers made it all the more easy for us to finish the event in time.

We saw some young and talented karatekas who are sure to shine on international scenes in the near future and we are committed to continue to follow the traditional way of JKA karate.

Dan Test & Qualification Exams saw a huge number passing out adding to our Kuro Obi & Qualified Judges team.

I thank Kurihara Sensei for sharing his experience and knowledge with us and especially being extremely patient with kids and explaining details to their satisfaction.

My sincere gratitude to JKA HQ for their support and consideration.


Milan Trivedi
JKA India

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