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Report of 11th JKA INDIA National Camp & 4th National Championship with Sensei Naka Tatsuya

The Venue - GCC Club, Mumbai

Date - 24th - 28th January, 2018

Starting from 24th Jan till 27th we did basics and just basics with lots of combinations but with in-depth meanings of each and every movement of every muscle we moved in our body, some even came up and said "we feel we have started karate all over again"

Naka Sensei--- a powerful force who just doesn't stop motivating you to do more and better, his research in techniques and the intricate muscle movements helps one to understand not just JKA karate but his body as well.

The clearly heavy and drastic difference between sports karate and traditional karate is overwhelmingly visible and felt while training with Naka Sensei.

Sensei's simplicity and humbleness instantly breaks the ice with anyone who meets him. The influence he had on us, the little conversations in-between and post training, his friendly smile or a brief compliment that meant the most to all of us while we were gasping for breath, thus; his karate teachings strikes you to the core and is not only understood but felt and sensed by all around him.

Our National Championship went off well with great performances specially from juniors; we saw great improvement in katas which is a good sign in improvement of their basics.

I wish to thank all who voluntarily participated in helping us with general and administrative duties of both our events and making them a great success.

We; at JKA INDIA are eagerly looking forward to many more opportunities to train with Naka Sensei in the times to come.

My deepest gratitude to JKA Hq for their continuous support and encouragement all through.


Milan Trivedi
JKA India

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