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Report of 7th JKA India Gasshuku with Okuma Sensei & 1st JKA India Championship 29th Jan to 1st Feb 2015


The Venue - Goa


We ;at JKA INDIA have successfully entered the 5th year after its inception and am glad to see it grow bigger and stronger, Okuma Sensei being present here on its year of inception and the completion of the 5th year by itself is a matter of great pride and honor for us.


Our 3 days training was mainly of kumite, shitei and sentei katas.


The focus was on breathing and using hips in the most effective ways possible to facilitate our techniques. Many minute points usually ignored/neglected during ones training; especially in kumite; were explained in detail and practiced repeatedly.


Heian Shodan & Tekki Shodan were focused on and their importance in JKA karate was explained in complete details.


We saw some youngsters with extremely good talents and I can say that they are seriously walking the JKA path with enough proud and sense of belonging to shoulder future responsibilities as JKA INDIA emissaries.


As usual, we had our Dan and Qualification tests which was again encouraging and three of our senior members passed their Yon dan and “C” kyu Instructor & Judge license test.


Okuma Senseis’s innovative methods of teaching JKA karate is exceptional and loved by all; the world over. People who met him for the first time instantly developed immense respect for him for his cordial behavior, humorous nature and deep knowledge of karate.


One does not take time to understand that Sensei Okuma is a rare blend of the old and contemporary karate teachers of the most prestigious karate organization in the world…JKA.


Our 1st JKA INDIA Championship (1st Feb 2015) was a complete success in every aspect and it was the highlight of this year’s program. It was highly motivating for the junior grades and especially for the new comers from other styles.


Judging & Refereeing…is as important as karate training, our Judges panel’s performance was highly satisfactory but like anything else; there is always room for improvisation.


Okuma Sensei, being the Master Chief Judge for the championship, contributed his valued advice as and when needed.


Testimony of our progress and development: Our sincere efforts, hard work, discipline and undivided concentration on achieving technical excellence has resulted in bringing about the return migration of JKA INDIA members who for reasons; had distanced themselves from the old JKA INDIA body years back. I am glad that we are able to set a good example to those desirous to follow our chosen path and I welcome them and all those who wish to be with us for a common cause…JKA karate


I thank both; JKA Hq and Okuma Sensei for their thoughtfulness and unconditional support to JKA INDIA.


Best Regards,
Milan Trivedi
JKA India

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