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6th JKA INDIA Monsoon Karate Camp, 21st and 23rd August 2014


The Venue - Calicut, Kerela


Our bi-annual camp starting this year had to be with none other than Shihan Omura for obvious reasons.


This camp was with the motive to focus again on basics of JKA karate and nothing else as Omura Shihan had advised us in January this year in our Mumbai Camp. Thus for all the 3 days we did just that, ofcourse with variations in kihon and kihon kumite.


The 1st day saw us doing only Kihon and Heian katas, with precise explanations of the key points of the katas and detailed demonstration of the hip movements and body postures wherever necessary.


Here Shihan again stressed the point of “turning” in katas (he had actually changed the concept of turning) the explanation and its demonstration back in January this year was yet fresh in our minds and so wasn’t a bit of a problem yet Shihan added a little more detailed explanation this time making it easier for the beginners to understand.


The 2nd day made us do jyu kihon for sabaki movements in the 1st session; and later in the 2nd session pairing up and practicing the same with having the fundamentals in the execution of stances and techniques.


Later we did do the Heian Katas as well.


The 3rd day was reserved for Kata Bassai-Dai in the 1st session and Kata Jion in the next; of course with the key points being explained and application demonstrated for detailed understanding of the techniques.


Shihan’s valuable suggestions for our improvement were seriously registered by all present in the camp and the ease with which Omura Shihan explained the complexity of JKA karate left the participants spell bounded, as always.


Dan gradings were in the later part of the day and that concluded our Monsoon Camp in Kerela on 23rd August 2014.


My deepest gratitude to Omura Shihan for agreeing and taking out time for this camp as he was busy in another camp in Thailand just 1 day prior he flew to India.


I want to take this opportunity to thank JKA Hq for its continuous support and consideration.


And at the same time I want to express my special gratitude to Shihan T.Mori for acknowledging my endeavors to promote and develop JKA karate in the sub continent.


Best Regards,
Milan Trivedi
JKA India

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