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JKA India- Goodwill Karate Championship, January 11th & 12th, 2014


The Venue - GCC Hotels Pvt Ltd, Mira Road, Thane.


Second episode of our sincere effort to strengthen SHOTOKAN karate in India saw a drastic increase in numbers this year. Though competing with JKA tournament rules is excessively difficult for those who are deep into WKF style format, the non-JKA participants showed keen interest in JKA style competition.


The purpose of this event was and is to build friendship and understanding among Shotokan students, cultivate mutual respect, to provide quality competition and foster exchange of Shotokan Karate techniques and education, both for the karate students and our society as well.


We had Sensei Fujikiyo Omura - JKA Hq Permanent Instructor (7th Dan) & Director: JKA Asia Oceania as the "Master Chief Judge" for these 2 days. With this championship and Omura Sensei's guidance, it was a good opportunity to enhance our knowledge in tournament management and technical matters of competition karate.


A 3 days special training for Judges & Referees had been charted for this very reason during our National Camp prior to this championship (8th - 10th Jan 2014 - GCC Club, Mumbai)


Categories were for Boys, Girls, Men, Women from under 11 years, under 13 years, 15 yrs - 19 yrs & above 19 years (seniors), Team events too were; as usual, included in the events lists of Kata & Kumite.


This year we saw better performance than the last from most of the top ranking competitors both in Senior & Junior categories in Kata and Kumite events; juniors must have learnt and observed a lot from the already time tested performers.


A ROLLING TROPHY was introduced this year for the karate organization to amass most points (Calculated on gold, silver & bronze medals), and it was respectfully earned by SKIU.


We are grateful to students and parents who volunteered to help in making the championship a grand success.


I personally wish to thank Omura Sensei for assisting and guiding us in various technically difficult matters and we have benefited a lot from his observations and recommendations.




Milan Trivedi
Chief Instructor - JKA India

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