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Report of 10th JKA INDIA National Summer Camp with Sensei Satoshi Takahashi

The Venue - Assam

From our inception to this day; this 6 days camp was first of its kind ever organized by JKA INDIA, hosted by the Assam branch of JKA INDIA in Nagaon district from 15th to 20th May 2017. Along with the regular training, we had Technical Seminar for Judges & Instructors, Qualification License exam and Dan test as well.

I must say this for Satoshi Takahash Sensei, his nature and character is reflected in his karate and his teaching: Sublime

Never, not even once was his teaching complicated or needed explanation more than was just necessary, Sensei Takahashi covered basics in the most efficient manner, palatable to even the junior most student, as it was cleverly divided in 3 parts and later combined into one for the students to get a better feel of each technique and its corresponding and immediate connection of its counterpart.

Katas were done with detailed explanation of each individual movements and the purpose of the kata being explained beforehand. Takahashi Sensei’s minute observations in the execution of each movement/technique helped all of us in correcting whatever flaws we had in our katas.

Gohon & Ippon kumite was done with great emphasis on the very basic purpose of it, and later jyu ippon. The interrelation of these 3 was explained and what made it more important to practice over sports kumite was understood by all present.

Takahashi Sensei conducted the Judges & Instructor Seminar with great care and helped by advising all the participants when ever needed. He motivated them all for some self analysis for their individual betterment and gave his advice on how a good JKA Judge oversees a kata/kumite bout.

I, personally learned a lot from Takahashi Sensei during his stay here, his humbleness and compassion towards others touches you the most and along with his karate expertise makes one more reason for us in JKA INDIA to want him visit us again in future.

My sincere gratitude to Takahashi Sensei for giving us quality teaching and JKA hq for its valued support all along.

Best Regards,
Milan Trivedi
JKA India

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